Tháo Duc Tu

Not only do I vigorously support the Ford Scholar Alumni Association’s meaningful mission to bring chances for alumni to connect and cultivate their leadership potential and contribute to their communities, but I also fully support the FSAA to continue awarding scholarship for outstanding students who have been doing volunteer work throughout our state of Oregon.

After high school, as a treasurer for a hand-made goods co-operative from 1981-1990, I was always viewed as an honest dedicated person and kept our financial documents in good order.

Since July 2016, as the Vietnamese Community of Oregon president, I have managed Vietnamese New Year Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Rose Festival and other projects, and have helped my treasurer complete paperwork in an accurate and straight manner. For the above reasons, I will do an outstanding job if elected to be the FSAA treasurer.

I would like to successfully fulfill the duties that have been described by the FSAA’s mission, and I would conscientiously apply myself to that task.

I strongly believe in myself and after reviewing my past and current experience as a dedicated leader in my community, I sincerely hope that the FSAA membership will consider me for the board.