Zachary Jones

How would you support the FSAA’s mission to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities?

One area that I would really like to strengthen the FSAA’s role in is current scholar engagement. Working in higher education, I believe that early engagement and consistent communication with our future alumni could help increase our overall yield of graduating students that participate in FSAA activities. It’s very similar to the current work that I engage in at Oregon Tech.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to the Board of Directors?

As a higher ed professional, I work directly with students, many of whom are receiving a scholarship from TFFF. Additionally, I work with college counselors and advisors throughout the state to for our recruit efforts. I believe I could use these connections and my recruiter skill set to help strengthen our communication efforts as well as engage in building community partnerships throughout our state.

What would you like to accomplish while on the Board of Directors?

*Increase alumni engagement
*Develop more community partnerships between our alumni association and community partners
*Continue our efforts for creating mentorship connections between alumni and current students
*Increase our yield rate of graduating alumni that actively engage with FSAA