Aaron Hiddleson

How would you support the FSAA’s mission to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities?

The Ford Family Scholars are an incredibly talented and dedicated group. I am humbled when I get the opportunity to meet other scholars. As many of us would probably attest, I would not be where I am without the Ford Family Foundation. I would support the FSAA by continuing to engage the network of scholars. There are many ways in which scholars can stay engaged. I would work to build on what has been proven to work while seeking new opportunities for the future.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to the Board of Directors?

As a governmental auditor for the State of Oregon, I have experience in governmental and not for profit accounting which includes the laws that govern them. I have developed the ability to analyze accounts, projects and even entire entities for financial and legal compliance, financial accuracy, financial transparency and have developed the ability to analyze the effectiveness of their goals. As an FSAA board member, I would bring my skillset developed in governmental auditing to the FSAA board.

What would you like to accomplish while on the Board of Directors?

As a “numbers person” I’m always looking for correlation and causation. I would bring that analytical approach to alumni engagement and use it to look for methods that have worked and those opportunities that might work going forward. The point is to achieve an increase in the percentage of alumni who are engaged. The ultimate goal is to give opportunities for our alumni to stay connected with their communities. Building successful citizens and strong rural communities is what TFFF is based on. As an alumni association board member, I would look to find ways to improve the alumni engagement in both the FSAA and their communities. This could be as simple as connecting members with events and organizations. There are so many ways in which scholars can help their local communities that I think it can be overwhelming. One of the goals I would propose on the board is to simplify the process of supporting the local community; either through a clearing house, a list, or a recommendation.