Ford Scholar Alumni News

Ford Scholar Alumni News is published twice a year.

The Ford Family Foundation

Norm Smith, President • Denise M. Callahan, Director of Scholarship Programs

The Ford Family Foundation Board of Directors: Ronald C. Parker, Chair • Karla S. Chambers, Vice Chair • Allyn C. Ford, Secretary/Treasurer • Knute C. Buehler • Joseph J. Kearns • Toby A. Luther • Joseph E. Robertson • Wesley D. Sand • Carrie Thompson

Ford Scholar Alumni Association Board of Directors: Andrea Smith, President • Logan Smith, Vice President • Ryan Hildebrand, Treasurer • Marija Kovacevic Hobbs, Secretary • Ellyn Canfield Nealon • David Carne • Suleima Garcia • Cari Hershberger • Chris Schulze • Robert Teel • Ryan Tharp, Members at Large

To submit story ideas, articles, milestones, reflections or suggestions, contact:
Newsletter Editor: Holly Scholz
(541) 736-0946
Thanks to the following alumni for their assistance with this issue: Marija Kovacevic Hobbs, Andrea Smith, Logan Smith, Tyler Smith and Rob Teel.

Editor’s Note: The authors’ opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the FSAA or its members.

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