Join a Committee

Would you like to help further the mission of the Ford Scholar Alumni Association (FSAA)? Here’s your chance. The FSAA has three committees designed to forward the goals of the organization as a whole, and to provide opportunities for Ford Scholar Alumni to stay involved. Committee service can be a great place to start if you are thinking of running for the FSAA board. Review the committee descriptions below and if you are interested in serving or learning more, please use our contact form and let us know which committee(s) interest you.

Communications and Outreach Committee

The Communications and Outreach Committee helps get the word out to the community about the FSAA’s work by managing communications, gathering feedback, and curating stories. Members work with the other committees and the Ford Scholarship Office to coordinate messages about upcoming events, ways to get involved, and the election cycle.

View the committee description and responsibilities here:
Communications Outreach Committee Description

Events and Service Project Committee

The Events and Service Project Committee helps lead service projects, organize gatherings, report on participation, and explore options to increase participation and locations of events.

View the committee description and responsibilities here:
Event Community Service Committee Description

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee is designed to support both general members and board members in their fulfillment of FSAA assignments and their personal professional development. The vice president, treasurer and secretary are highly involved in this committee. It is in charge of the election process, onboarding of new board members and volunteers, setting agendas, and connecting board members to trainings and resources.

View the committee description and responsibilities here:
Board Development Service Committee Description