Aimee Fritsch

Why are you applying to be an officer? What are your personal and organizational goals for this position?

I am applying to be President because I have found my past two years as VP/President Elect both challenging and rewarding, and I would like to continue my service to the FSAA and the whole Ford Family as President. My goals for 2020 include fully transitioning the FSAA to a 3-year board term cycle, updating our strategic plan, launching our new community service effort, and hosting the first-ever FSAA meeting in Eastern Oregon.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to this officer position?

I have served the FSAA for 2 years now, in the role of Vice President and President Elect. I’ve helped transition the board into 3 year terms, and was one of the key people on the bylaw re-writing and adjustment. In addition to my FSAA experience, I also work in organizational administration in my day job, and am gaining skills in project management. I bring to the FSAA skills in public speaking, facilitation, and effect meetings.