Vanessa Sanchez-Mexicano

As the Ford Scholar Alumni Association membership continues to grow in size and we work toward pinpointing what our alumni association’s priorities are, I would like to extend my commitment to identifying our collective goals and work toward truly achieving our mission, to connect where we are and lead where we live.

With such a brilliant and dynamic group of leaders within the various Ford Family Foundation scholarship programs, I believe we have the ability to do great work from nearly every corner of the country (and beyond!) and as a member-at-large I would do all that I can to support our alumni and respective  communities.

I have experience putting on events and doing outreach work, which I believe would be useful to garner more engagement from the general FSAA membership and continue to establish ourselves as a large and successful alumni association. From conversations with other alumni members, I often hear the desire for more events and volunteer activities in order to advance the service work and family-like connection Ford Scholars are known for, and I would love to help make that happen.

Ultimately, I am ready and willing to listen and help support the needs and goals of our FSAA membership as a member at large.