About Ford Family Alumni


Mr. Kenneth Ford expressed his desire for Scholars to establish an Alumni Association after earning their degrees. In 1996, with the graduation of the first class of Ford Scholars, Dr. Charles Walker engaged the Ford Scholar Alumni Association (FSAA) with the following purpose: “To help Ford Scholars continue to be in communication with each other, assist each other in both professional and personal ways, and continue friendships and the sense of community that has developed.”

Since that time, the FSAA has expanded to include alumni from Ford Opportunity and Ford ReStart scholarships with membership exceeding 3200 alumni. In the spirit of Kenneth and Hallie Ford’s legacy, the FSAA was founded to complement the core values of The Ford Family Foundation. These core values are Integrity, Stewardship, Respect, Independence, and Community.

About the Ford Scholar Alumni Association

Vision Statement

Connect where you are; lead where you live.

Mission Statement

The Alumni Leadership Council’s mission is to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities.


Scholars are auto-enrolled as members of the alumni community upon acknowledgment of program completion by The Ford Family Foundation.