Ballot & Information on FSAA Resolution for Dissolution

Please VOTE! Now through February 15 at 11:45 p.m. Pacific (ballot embedded at bottom)

On January 23, the Ford Scholar Alumni Association (FSAA) board of directors voted “yes” on a resolution to dissolve the 501(c)(3) status of the FSAA and transition from an independent organization to an integrated program of The Ford Family Foundation that is informed by an alumni leadership board. The vote followed an open discussion at a special board meeting to which all alumni association members were invited. Approximately 20 alumni, including several previous FSAA board members, attended.

The board took this step after nearly three years of conversation with Foundation staff as well as consultation with current and previous FSAA board members. Several members of the founding board, in fact, reflected that they had wanted to be part of the Foundation from the beginning.

The board’s yes vote means that a similar resolution will now move forward to the entire membership for a vote, as required by FSAA’s bylaws. 

If a majority of the members voting approve the dissolution in February, the FSAA board will take a series of steps required by the Oregon Attorney General, and in accordance with the FSAA’s bylaws, to dissolve the nonprofit corporation and to transfer its assets to The Ford Family Foundation. This will be substantially completed by April or May. Here is a timeline of the steps for the dissolution and adoption of the new alumni leadership structure.

If members do not approve the dissolution, the FSAA board will continue its current operations and will initiate a conversation with the Foundation about its ongoing relationship with the Foundation. 

How can I learn more before casting my vote? 

FAQs about the dissolution

Draft of the board meeting minutes

Watch the recorded board meeting (passcode: #9enWTyg)

We look forward to receiving your votes! — Aimee Fritsch, President & the FSAA board

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