A Note from the President

Following in Andrea Smith’s shoes is not an easy feat. With her wonderful leadership, the Ford Scholar Alumni Association has taken shape. Though I would like to download the contents of her brain, I admit that is not possible.

I would like to share with you a vision to keep advancing our FSAA toward Mr. Ford’s desired purpose. I see our future efforts aligning with Dr. Charles Walker’s charge to Ford Scholars in 1996: “To help Ford Scholars continue to be in communication with each other, assist each other in both professional and personal ways, and continue friendships and the sense of community that has developed.”

In an age of technology and social media, there is no reason why we shouldn’t take advantage of such tools and connect and communicate. Start by using our Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, I strongly encourage you to join the FSAA group and ask for and offer personal and professional assistance. Sometimes the greatest asset we have to offer is ourselves.

I encourage you to reach out to each other. Keep your contact information updated at www.myfordinfo.org; interact via Facebook; socialize and mingle at events like our annual fall pumpkin patch gathering at Bauman Farms; and stand shoulder to shoulder serving your own communities doing service events.

Be watching your e-mail and our Facebook page for information on when and where the January board meeting will take place; this is the yearly meeting in which the general meeting will also occur and all are welcome to attend, either in person or remotely.

Thank you again for your votes of confidence to be your FSAA Board of Directors president.