A Note from the President

I don’t know about you, but time just seems to be flying by lately. It’s hard to believe that college ended almost a decade ago and that I now have a toddler. Some days I question whether all the things that consume my time and make this life blur by are worth it. Most often, though, I’m reminded of the heart behind that investment of time.

A couple of my larger personal investments of time, beyond my family, are at work, advising students through their higher education journey at Oregon State University, as well as being your Ford Scholar Alumni Association President. These are choices I’ve made in my life to give back, and I am honored to be in both of these roles.

Enough about me. My point is, that wherever you are in your post-college and life journey, and wherever you invest your precious time and energies in life, I encourage you to think about the reasons that you chose to make those investments. Are they bettering you, your community and those around you? Or are they necessary for paying the bills and getting by each day? There are a lot of reasons we do what we do.

I challenge you (and myself) to remember the vision for our life investments that The Ford Family Foundation had when they invested in us: To become successful citizens ourselves and to give back to our communities (especially the rural communities where many of us came from).

The FSAA Board of Directors is actively working to provide opportunities to engage, support and reach out to each other, as well as give back to our communities and the current Ford Scholars. Please take a look at the Year at a Glance section in this newsletter and ponder whether you could spare the time to join your fellow Ford Scholar Alumni in various events that strive to do just that. We also welcome and request your ideas and suggestions. E-mail us at communications@fordscholaralumni.com.

I hope all of you have a fabulous fall and that I get to see many of you in the coming year.