A Note from the President

I hope that this last year has been wonderful for each and every one of you.

For the Ford Scholar Alumni Association, it has been brimming with exciting new endeavors. We had our inaugural networking mixer with current Ford Scholars and Ford Scholar Alumni; our MLK Day service event expanded to multiple projects spearheaded by Scholars across Oregon; and we claimed the color purple in the name of connecting with one another at our events throughout the year.

My challenge to you for the coming year is to make a goal to attend at least one event and connect with other Ford Scholar Alumni. For those of you not in Oregon, this could be a few different things: Remotely calling into the annual General FSAA Meeting in January and sharing your ideas and providing feedback; joining the FSAA Board of Directors (remote participation is absolutely possible); leading a service project where you live and reaching out to any local Ford Scholar Alumni; or planning a weekend vacation to the site of the annual Ford Scholars Leadership Conference where alumni will engage in family-friendly connecting as well as networking with current Ford Scholars.

For those near and far, don’t forget to utilize (and join if you haven’t already) the FSAA Facebook and LinkedIn groups to connect, ask questions or seek advice.

Thank you to all of you for who you are. This organization and Mr. Ford’s vision is held up by each and every one of the Ford Scholar recipients we call family.