Alumni Serve Their Communities for Earth Day

The Ford Scholar Alumni Association hosts two community service events each year: Martin Luther King Day each January and Earth Day in April.

Earth Day 2016 was a wonderful success! Alumni all over the Northwest participated in projects to better our communities in various ways.

The FSAA mission is to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities. The service events embody this mission.

For example, instead of inviting Vanessa Navarro-Gomez, Class of ’09, to fly in from Denver, we asked her to pick a volunteer project she is interested in and help coordinate interested alumni who are close to her in the Denver area.

Or, like Adam Martin, Class of ‘09, who had limited time because of graduate school. He chose to volunteer a couple blocks away from his house at Salem’s Willamette Heritage Center with Shauna Harper, Class of ’07, who drove up from Eugene to join him!

Tami Ammerman, Class of ’97, helped plant and clear trails in Vancouver. Coordinators of that event gave out free lunch and free T-shirts! Although Eddy Martinez Montes de Oca, Class of ’10, wasn’t able to find Tami because there were so many people there volunteering, he reported still having a great time!

In April 2016, 14 Alumni and six of their friends or family members contributed 85 volunteer hours. Volunteering was recorded at five events occurring in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. We look forward to more alumni participating at more locations in 2017!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, or are looking to invite alumni to your volunteer event, get in touch with us on our contact page.

By Marshall Curry

FSAA Vice President