Aimee Fritsch

Why are you applying to be an officer? What are your personal and organizational goals for this position?

I have served one year as the Vice President, and have enjoyed the opportunity to serve the FSAA. I have seen myself grow in the past year, being more on top of responsibilities, and really leaning into the work we’re doing to restructure the board, and be more thoughtful in our approach. Organizationally, I’d like to be more intentional about engaging board members in their role, while moving to a more strategic board. Additionally, I’d like to be more ahead of the timeline on elections.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to this officer position?

I’ve had one year of experience as the Vice President/President Elect. I’ve learned a lot of lessons, both technical and strategic about what works and what doesn’t. I now have a decent mastery of the Drive and WebEx systems, and working knowledge of how to navigate the Basecamp site. In addition, I’m more confident in my role running meetings, encouraging board members, and supporting the President. I’ll also have run the elections process once, and learned important lessons to smooth it.