Christian Hargrove

I support the Ford Scholar Alumni Association’s mission and would like to promote further The Ford Family Foundation scholarship recipients’ potential to lead their communities and help them grow in every way possible while also helping to connect alumni and scholars with communities and needs.

I bring a variety of skills, from negotiating terms with parties, to dialoging touchy subjects and bringing together groups. I am also great at putting together effective ideas as we go as well as planning well-thought-out ideas. I also effectively maintain, and operate multimillion dollar facilities as well as including all shareholders in decisions.

I would like to accomplish having scholars further connect with the alumni as well as connect with each other and provide support to help better the many amazing communities we are from. I would also like to help committees that are currently in need of fresh ideas as well as start new committees to tackle some of today’s questions that the bright scholars Kenneth and Hallie Ford invested in can answer together and provide examples for others.

I believe I would be a great choice for a member at large position as I have great new ideas for the alumni to tackle. I would like to further the activities of the alumni and advance the philosophies that Kenneth and Hallie Ford have shown us and inspired so many of the alumni to achieve greatness over many trying obstacles.