Daina Tague

How would you support the FSAA’s mission to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities?

I fully support the FSAA in the transition from a working board to better engage Alumni in ways that are meaningful to them. This means working and growing with the Board to develop strategies to engage Alumni in leadership roles and through community service that best reflects what the Alumni are looking for and ways that positively impact the community at large. I would like to continue to further support to evolve to the of secretary with the Board.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to the Board of Directors?

I continue to bring my experience as a secretary in previous roles and through the past two years in working as secretary for the Ford Scholar Alumni Association. Additionally, I have experience working with, and holding an officer role, for Rotaract, which is a community service organization.

What would you like to accomplish while on the Board of Directors?

As the direction of the Board evolves I would like to work with the Development Committee to develop clear job tasks for the officers, creating a space, either in Google Docs or Basecamp to house the tasks, timeline of tasks, and any other pertinent information to streamline work in the future and better organize for future transitions of roles.

Why are you applying to be an officer? What are your personal and organizational goals for this position?

I have been serving as Secretary for the past two years and would like to continue in this role for another term. I am excited with the direction the FSAA is taking to support Alumni in connecting where they are and leading where they live. I would like to continue the work of the secretary- as well as serving time on task forces for the alumni engagement committee in reaching out to Alumni in strategic and meaningful ways. As for personal, this has been a wonderful opportunity to grow.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to this officer position?

I will continue to provide my secretarial experience and providing minutes, and working with the other officers on agenda’s and powerpoint for quarterly meetings. Beyond work, I do not have any other set time commitments, which allows me to devote time to the Board and it’s tasks.