Daina Tague

Why are you applying to be an officer? What are your personal and organizational goals for this position?

As I stated the year previous, the organization is growing in a lot of ways which excite me and bring me much hope for the future of FSAA and the collaboration with TFFF. I am a highly organized individual and believe that this is important for the role of secretary, especially as we begin to organize our documentation and look at ways in which we more effectively store our documents. Personally, working with this board has broadened my professional knowledge.

What skills, expertise, and/or other assets will you bring to this officer position?

As stated above, I am highly organized which I believe is quite important in this role. Additionally, as I have grown as the secretary the past three years I have begun to see the holes and areas for growth for the FSAA within this role and would like to continue to support the FSAA in this way.