Daphne Kasahun

I am enthusiastic about The Ford Family Foundation because it has changed my life. I grew up with a single mother, a father in prison, and we were on welfare. The Ford scholarship not only helped me financially, but it helped my self-esteem.

Currently, I am a licensed social worker with a really good job. I am passionate about my work and the people I serve, and I also have enough financial stability to raise my three children without the burden of poverty. I am passionate about giving back.

I have volunteered for alumni events in the past, for example attending a scholarship fair at our local community college. I have not been as involved with the Ford Scholar Alumni Association in the past as I would have liked. Moving forward, I would love to be more involved. As someone who hasn’t been as involved in the past, I have some insight into what it might take to get other alumni to step-up.

I would like to have the opportunity to engage with other alumni and be more proactive with the Foundation. I would also like to inspire others to be more involved. I want to give more time to the Ford volunteer opportunities and community engagement activities. As mentioned, I have not been as involved in the past as I would like, and I would like the opportunity to rectify that.

I will bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the board. I have thoughts on how to engage alumni who haven’t historically been involved. Because of my background and my educational and career experiences, I have the skills to communicate effectively with a variety of people. I am reliable and consistent, and I will take the responsibility seriously. I have gained so much from being a Ford Scholar, and I would love the opportunity to give something back.