Melissa Bellm

The Ford Scholar Alumni Association’s mission is to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities. I wholeheartedly support this mission.

I bring 17 years of medical, hospital experience. I am currently attending Marylhurst University to obtain my Master of Business Administration in healthcare administration. I feel that every class I am learning how to further leadership goals. Every class I participate in brings a new expertise to business. I would like to be able to spread service in the community of Southern Oregon.

I may not currently have the exact skills that a board might want, but I have the desire to learn and serve my community. I am very organized. I am a nurse, and we tend to be able to juggle many things at once. I don’t know much about serving on a board. I am willing to learn.

The Ford Family Foundation means a great deal to me. I was able to become a nurse because of their generosity. I don’t see much activity in Southern Oregon. I would like to see more involvement, as I know there are other Ford Alumni here locally. This also would be a learning process. I would like to learn what it is like to serve on a board.

I suppose if you were to elect me, you are taking a chance. I don’t have any experience. I don’t know really what to expect or what my expectation would be. However, I am willing to learn. I give everything I volunteer for, or any job I have had 100 percent. I am very organized. I have the capability to work with many different kinds of people easily. I am dedicated to the community of Southern Oregon.