Steve Broncheau

I support the Ford Scholar Alumni Association’s mission to provide opportunities for alumni to connect in their communities. I feel The Ford Family Foundation has given me so much, and being able to serve on the board and to connect in my local community is a small way that I can give back what I have been given. Being a part of my community and connecting and learning more about my community and what it needs is important to me.

I have had experience participating on boards. Also, with my job as community engagement manager for a non-profit, I have a lot of experience working with board members. I am committed and will work hard to set the vision of the FSAA and to make sure we as a board are accomplishing it. I am detail oriented and have a lot of experience working with diverse groups of people. It would be an honor to participate on this board and to further my skills and knowledge working on this board.

While on the board of directors, I would like to set forth and accomplish the goals and vision that the board has already set. I want to participate as an individual and work in a group to further the mission. I look forward to this opportunity to “Connect where you are, lead where you live.”

Being able to come together with other scholar recipients and work together to be the collective voice for all FSAA members would be an incredible opportunity. Working on past boards, I have always learned from fellow board members, and selfishly, that is another thing I would like to accomplish on this board, to grow more personally and professionally by learning from those I am working with.

The FSAA membership should elect members they feel can represent them and are able to carry the mission of the organization forward. I hope with my past experience of participating on boards and my current experience working with a diverse group of people that fellow Ford Scholars would feel that I am equipped, but also very committed to the work that needs to be done. I want to listen and hear what my fellow alumni want. I am very involved in my local community and hope that I can serve my community well, while also serving the board of directors.