Vlada Wilson

I completely support the mission of giving alumni various opportunities both to further their leadership skills as well as grow and give back to the community through service work. I would do my best to seek various opportunities for our alumni through my own network as well as new networks that I believe would be a great fit!

My skills include managing others with the highest level of integrity and ethics; bilingual ability to communicate across cultures; creative engine machine, innovative thinker with strong ability in executing ideas and concepts; and high performer in the midst of demanding environment.

I would like to provide our alumni as many connections and opportunities as possible and help strengthen the organization’s presence in the community. I want to find ways for the association to be partnered with networks in our community and have our alumni be known.

I want to give back to The Ford Family Foundation for everything it helped me accomplish. Without the Foundation, I would not be where I am today! Most of all, I want to be a resource to our alumni and use my skill-set and network of business professionals to give our alumni even more opportunities to develop as leaders.