William Miller

Alumni engagement is arguably one of the most critical pieces of building long-lasting relationships, as it provides for continued guidance, focus, and mentorship for those who graduate and become alumni. The mission of the Ford Scholar Alumni Association plays a key role in maintaining alumni relationships, while continuing to build leaders through service in our communities. Together, we can move forward by working collaboratively together for the common good of our community.

I have a deeply rooted background in policy, advocacy, and strategic planning. My skills rest in my ability to negotiate tough conversations, work to lift up, support, and advocate for underrepresented communities, and serve those of all demographics. To this – I hope to increase engagement with alumni, while continuing to capitalize on the work that has previously been done in order to lift, support, and progress the vision and mission of the alumni association.

There are three main areas that I’d like to focus on during my tenure on the board: alumni engagement, increased involvement of alumni, and strengthening support and mentorship (personal and professional) for alumni. I would do this by continued outreach to alumni, by establishing a relationship with alumni, and by figuring out what our alumni need in order to further their development both personally and professionally. These three areas will continue strengthening The Ford Family Foundation alumni base with a goal of connecting alumni where they are and building their leadership capacity.  

The mission of the Ford Scholars Alumni Association is to, “Connect where you are, lead where you live.” When I received my acceptance letter from The Ford Family Foundation, informing me that I received the Ford Scholarship, it meant that I was agreeing to a lifelong commitment. After I received my degree, I felt that it was necessary to continue serving the organization that helped further my ability to reach my goals and dreams – as such, I’m applying to serve as a member at large on the Alumni Board of Directors in order to continue that life-long commitment.

I have a deeply rooted history in policy, allowing me to connect with individuals from many different industries, while strengthening our community through activism while building a collective cohesive voice. I pride myself in being a relational leader, a skill that I’d like to bring to the board. With this in mind, I believe I’d be an incredible asset to the alumni board.