FSAA Approves New Mission and Vision Statements

The Ford Scholar Alumni Association Board of Directors adopted new mission and vision statements for the FSAA during the Jan. 10 general board meeting. The following statements were developed by members of the FSAA Board of Directors and approved unanimously:

FSAA Vision:

“Connect where you are; lead where you live.”

FSAA Mission Statement:

“The Ford Scholar Alumni Association’s mission is to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities.”

Last year, the board decided the original mission statement, developed in January 2004: The Ford Scholar Alumni Association exists to foster leadership, community involvement, and the continuing development of its members by embracing the core values of The Ford Family Foundation,” needed a clearer focus that better reflected the goals of the Association as it is today.

During a FSAA Board planning session, led by Vice President Kirsten Yamada, members of the Board worked together to answer these questions: “Who are they, as an organization? Why do they exist? What do they do? And who do they serve? The vision statement came together shortly after deciding on the new mission, and it has quickly become one of the new marketing slogans for the FSAA website and soon-to-come FSAA T-shirts.

The board is very excited to begin this year with strong vision and mission statements that accurately reflect the goals and objectives while continuing to reflect Kenneth Ford’s vision of creating an ongoing community of what he called “Ford Scholars for Life.”