FSAA Board Invites Alumni to Serve on Three New Committees

Would you like to help further the mission of the Ford Scholar Alumni Association?

Here’s your chance.

The FSAA has redeveloped three committees and is looking for eager members willing to serve.

“They are led by current FSAA board members, but success and growth of the FSAA’s network and ability to live out Kenneth and Hallie Ford’s legacy will depend on the involvement of general members,” said FSAA Vice President Marshall Curry.

About two years ago, the FSAA identified a need to revisit the use of committees to improve its efficiency. This year, prompted by increasing involvement by general members, the FSAA is integrating the Event and Service Project, Communications and Outreach, and Board Development Committees into its organization.

The purpose of the Events and Service Project Committee is to lead service projects, organize gatherings, report on participation, and explore options to increase participation and locations of events.

“Our vision for the Events and Service Project Committee, with help from alumni all over the country, is to increase connectivity between alumni, in their communities, and in their networking,” Curry said.

The Communications and Outreach Committee helps get the word out to the community about the FSAA’s work by managing communications, gathering feedback, and curating stories. Members work with the other committees and the Ford Scholarship Office to coordinate messages about upcoming events, ways to get involved, and the election cycle.

“I hope the committee really focuses on ‘outreach’ as much as communication so we can start to see how we are doing at meeting the expectations that general members have for the FSAA,” Curry said.

The Board Development Committee is designed to support both general members and board members in their fulfillment of FSAA assignments and their personal professional development. The vice president, treasurer and secretary are highly involved in this committee.  It is in charge of the election process, onboarding of new board members and volunteers, setting agendas, and connecting board members to trainings and resources.

“My hope is for the Board Development Committee to institutionalize the sharing of learning that our Ford Family experience inspired in all of us, and to bring it to each of the committees,” Curry said.

For him, learning has been the best part about serving on the FSAA board.

“It brings me pride when I apply what I have learned at Ford to my regular work week.”

Members of the three committees hold monthly virtual hour-long meetings. FSAA board members ask that committee members serve a one-year term; attend eight out of 12 meetings; and provide support and improve the FSAA’s ability to fulfill its mission.

There are two times a year when members can start a term as a committee member. The FSAA’s Board Development Committee will onboard general members after the FSAA Board General Meeting on Jan. 7, in Portland, and after the 2017 Ford Alumni Summer Get-Together on July 29, in Sunriver.

More detailed committee descriptions are online at www.fordscholaralumni.com.  Those interested in joining a committee may e-mail communications@fordscholaralumni.com.

“Opening committees to general members will increase the impact of Kenneth and Hallie Ford’s legacy,” Curry said.