The Foundation Partners with SALT for Financial Literacy

The Ford Family Foundation has partnered with American Student Assistance (ASA), a nonprofit organization, to provide financial guidance for students and alumni.

ASA runs a program called SALT that helps students and their families make smart financial choices for life. Salt was often considered a form of currency in the years when it was difficult to obtain, so in this case SALT stands for ‘money.’

You can take advantage of services to help you wisely and effectively manage debt, whether you incurred it paying for your education or through personal expenses. SALT also helps you find internships and employment opportunities.

The Foundation is excited to partner with ASA because they believe in the SALT program’s principles of financial education and empowerment to help address the issues of college affordability and student debt.

The Scholarship Office hopes that Ford Scholar Alumni do not have a lot of student loan debt, but believes that SALT can still be a great resource. SALT uses a variety of channels to meaningfully engage students and alumni and positively influence behavior, including:

  • Self-serve financial tools and calculators
  • Highly interactive financial education curriculum, including a series of My Money 101 tutorials
  • A secure, personalized dashboard where you can track all of your loans and compare payment options
  • Help looking for jobs and internships
  • One-on-one loan counseling, advocacy and assistance from student loan experts

This service is FREE to alumni and their families. All you have to do to sign up is visit