Treasurer Derek Eidem, Ford Scholar, Class of 2010

My name is Derek Eidem, and I am a 2010 Ford Scholar. I’m applying for the treasurer position on the Ford Scholar Alumni Association Board.

I graduated from Oregon State University in 2015 with a degree in mechanical engineering. I am currently living in Vancouver, Wash., with my girlfriend and lab retriever puppy and working at HP Inc.

During my senior project, I was part of a collegiate racing team that built a mini baja car. My role on the team was powertrain sub-team captain. I oversaw the overall design of the powertrain along with the financials for my team. I contacted companies to gain sponsorships and managed the team’s expenses during the design phase to ensure we stayed on budget.

My current job at HP Inc. is an operations engineer. I work with vendors to supply custom tooling to make high-end printers. In order to make a profit and stay competitive, we have to stay within tight budgets to ensure our tooling costs stay as projected during the two-year design cycle. I work closely with my team to make sure our budget stays on track quarter to quarter. I manage these budgets through various spreadsheets needed through each’s organizational needs.

With experience from my previous senior project and current work, I feel like I would bring some unique experiences to the table as treasurer. I will strive to make sure the finances are correct and provide financial stability in my time as treasurer. Thank you.