Vice President Marshall Curry, Ford Scholar, Class of 2009

I believe the Ford Scholar Alumni Association can improve our social environment. The FSAA provides events for our alumni to come together, learn and connect with one another.

In my eyes, after observing the vice president as a member at large of the FSAA, their role is to ensure the completion of those events. To continue improving those events, as the vice president of the FSAA, I hope to be a presence of polish, creativity and support. I plan to work with board members to polish the established annual schedule that has engendered wonderful organizational growth. I will creatively brainstorm with FSAA Board and committee members to find solutions to problems.

I do this every day at Marion-Polk Food Share as their volunteer manager, supporting 20-plus programs and 4,000-plus volunteers. To empower colleagues, I implement creative trainings and relationships to feed the families experiencing food insecurity we serve.

Lastly, I will build the family tie that is so important to the FSAA. I frequently communicate, have coffee, make dinner and tear-up with other Ford alumni to build the relationships that are the backbone of the FSAA.

I will use my past experience and current knowledge of the FSAA and The Ford Family Foundation to accomplish the FSAA mission of providing opportunities for alumni to connect and further their leadership and service in their communities, and to improve our social environment while doing so.