2018 Elections Opening Soon

Election applications are in and we are so happy that 13 wonderful Ford Alumni are looking to represent you on the Ford Scholar Alumni Association Board of Directors. 

UPDATE: Elections are open. You can view the candidate statements and vote!

Short candidate statements will be displayed on the FSAA website until elections are completed March 19. As Ford Alumni, you choose who sits on our board of directors. Voting will take place via online ballot. If you do not receive an email with the link to the ballot by March 13, please call the Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office at 541-485-6211.

With the extension after receiving an insufficient number of applications, and then the second round of applications coming in and overwhelming us with support, our elections team had our work cut out for us! During the work, though, we were repeatedly inspired by the passion, experiences, and commitment described in the applications. All of the applicants illustrate a high level of commitment and loyalty to all Ford Alumni as well as the Foundation.

The commitment by a majority of the applicants is inspiring. Many applicants notified us of a desire to serve as committee members if they are not elected. Now this may sound a little strange, but this is as exciting to me as getting the board roster filled. This inspires me because their choice suggests their title is less important than the service they want to provide. It also means that no matter the election results, the 2018-2020 cohort of applicants will nearly double the number of people volunteering time throughout the year to support the FSAA. As part of our continued work with Chris Tebbens, redefining our alignment with the Ford Family Foundation, having more individuals, representing diverse groups, residing in distinct geographies around the country, will truly benefit you. For that, we ALL owe a thank you to them.

If you are interested in joining this amazing group of leaders as a committee member yourself to serve either for 2018-2019 or from 2018-2020. Email your interest to communications@fordscholaralumni.com and the FSAA will give you the resources you need to be a part of this inspirational cohort of Ford Alumni leaders!