A Note from the President

On Saturday, Oct. 6, the Ford Scholar Alumni Board met at the dining room table in the beautiful old farm home at Bauman’s Farms and Garden (thanks, Cari!), prior to having some fun with our friends and families. Not that board meetings aren’t fun, of course…

The meeting was only 90 minutes long, but we accomplished quite a bit in that short time.  First, we set a date for the Annual Membership General Meeting – Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013; all details are TBA, but we’re looking at a start time of 10 a.m. Save the date!

Our new board members, Logan Smith, Ryan Hildebrand, Rob Teel and David Carne are now officially instated, and we say a fond farewell to Mike Meyers, Michelle Boss Barba and Eric Collins, all of whom expressed their desire to stay involved with the organization. A HUGE thanks to them. And of course, Chris Schulze was reelected, so he’s sort of in both categories, and I’m very thankful to have him back.

Member at Large Ellyn Canfield-Nealon, who wasn’t in attendance, primarily because she lives in New York, provided us with an update of our Facebook group membership blitz. We are now 261 Friends strong, and hope to perhaps double that by the end of the year. We’re also working on increasing the page traffic… since when are Ford Scholars so quiet?

Suleima Garcia is the new board liaison to the Events Committee. If you like to plan fun stuff, or you have ideas for group outings/projects/opportunities, contact Suleima at events@fordscholaralumni.com. You don’t have to join the committee to provide ideas, but you know you want to.  🙂

Last, and hopefully not least, the FSAA and the Ford Institute for Community Building are exploring opportunities for our organizations to collaborate. It’s all part of our “connections” theme. While we’re not legally affiliated with the Institute, we are definitely united in purpose and principle. More to come on that subject.

OK, this is actually the last thing: Every once in a while, I just have to give special thanks to Holly Scholz for compiling, editing and writing a great deal of our newsletters. She’s also our photographer extraordinaire. Without Holly, there would be no newsletter, and I really enjoy reading these things. So, thank you, Holly. (And Holly, I know you’re editing this… no, you can’t take out this section.)