Gerald E. Bruce Award Nominees

The Ford Family Foundation recognizes the following Ford Scholar Alumni who were nominated for the 2013 Gerald E. Bruce Community Service Award. Although these alumni were not selected to receive the award, they are outstanding individuals who continue to contribute to their communities.

Marya Frolov‐Kalugin, Class of 2001, Gervais, Ore.

Sarah Harkness, Class of 2001, Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Erin (Wolff) Kitumba, Class of 2002, Springfield, Ore.

Nicholas Montoya, Class of 1997, Vancouver, Wash.

Maxie (Peterson) Morgan, Class of 1998, Scottsbluff, Neb.

Jeremy Myrland, Class of 1997, Portland, Ore.

Brandy O’Bannon, Class of 1994, Salem, Ore.

Emily Seymore, Class of 1998, Chicago, Ill.

Jerry Snodgrass, Class of 1994, Grants Pass, Ore.

Zachary Stevens, Class of 2001, Carrollton, Texas.

Jacqui Terrill Cooke, Class of 1996, Amity, Ore.

Anna Tester, Class of 1994, Pilot Rock, Ore.

Timothy Wallace, Class of 2003, Eugene, Ore.